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  1. Got a rose sleeve done by a home artist about 5 months ago, its a bit botchef. At the time I had no clue what I was doing, I was too naive ... Artist didnt really know what he was doing either . I dont blame him, I wasnt specific enough on what roses I wanted so I just let him do anything- which ended up as a failed attempt at realism. Anyway check it out. Could a legitimate artist fix this sleeve up?? https://imgur.com/a/TMNwN https://imgur.com/a/VRJtJ
  2. JohnMcLauchlan

    How many removal sessions?

    That is quite saturated and also involves color; so based on what I've seen on laser removal websites, 6-8 sessions should fade it up enough for a new design. I'm not sure on why you want to cover it up but if its because of appearance, in my opinion the design is fine just keep the concept and get a touch up. A good artist can incorporate a rose into your arm next to that sleeve.
  3. JohnMcLauchlan

    Can this Linework be Fixed? Opinions on my Tattoo

    The only people who will criticize it will be tattoo experts and yourself. From an ordinary persons point of view it will look like a fine tattoo. I don't think its bad... but if you really hate it, luckily you find a better artist he can easily fix that for you. Its small as well so you could just cover it up with a bigger and more interesting piece.
  4. JohnMcLauchlan

    Can my sleeve be fixed?

    Yep I found an artist whos one of the bets in the city and does terrific cover ups and re-works. I just don't have the money for a consultation yet. But the opinions I'm getting online reckon this can easily be re-worked.
  5. JohnMcLauchlan

    Can my sleeve be fixed?

    Oops. My apologies David. You seem to know your stuff.... so what improvements should I make with the sleeve?
  6. JohnMcLauchlan

    Can my sleeve be fixed?

    Is laser removal necessary for me?
  7. In my opinion, Matt Jordan from Ship Shape Tattoo NZ is the best tattooist in the world.
  8. JohnMcLauchlan

    Not exactly what I wanted...

    If you don't like it, just cover it up. I don't see the point in wanting to leave it there. Showing us a picture would help me give you advice. If its small ,simple and you don't like it, a high quality artist can easily fix that for you.
  9. JohnMcLauchlan

    Can my sleeve be fixed?

    image: https://imgur.com/a/xLeM4 About a month ago, I got a sleeve from a friend of a friend for $100 (Dumbest decision in history) because I thought why not. I was not using logic at the time because I was so eager and excited. Believe it or not, my decision making skills have tripled since then. Anyway, my tattoo is supposed to be a rose sleeve but they don't even look like roses, more like crappy origami. How easily do you think my sleeve could be re-worked if I went to a legitimate artist? Does it look to hard to fix without laser fading? I don't mind having to stick to the rose design if it means it will look good. I haven't consulted any artists in my city yet because I don't have money at the moment, so I thought I'd ask on here.