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    Tiki pole torso cover?

    Okay so basically I have an unfinished tiki pole from my belly button going up the centre of my torso to the top of my chest, at the widest it is about 4 inches at the bottom and narrows off slightly then expands to about 6 inches across my chest. It's not coloured in yet, it is just outlined. I had it many years ago and it has not faded or anything, it's a very good tattoo but after growing up a bit I realised it's not what I want. Can this be covered and turned into a different piece given that there's nothing heavy in it and only outlines? Ideally I want a four horseman piece going across my chest but the tiki pole design going down the torso it what worries me as I don't think there's anything I could use to incorporate a four horseman piece into a long stretch going down my stomach. Don't have use of a phone at the moment but i've attached a photo similar to the location of my tattoo with roughly the same diameter by the looks of it. Being new to the forum I understand there's a good chance this could get dismissed and laughed at. I don't intend to sound dumb either or uneducated on the subject of cover ups/adjustments so I don't mean to offend anyone.