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  1. Thanks man for the reply. I expected that kinda answer, I just wanted to confirm how bad did I fuck up. Didn`t do it on purpose, but it`s not an excuse. Even tho it`s not as bad as you think, slight fading is normal, but with years it will probably fade a lot, especially with me contributing to it with that stupid wrap and sweating.
  2. Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my first tattoo experience and hopefully get some advice. I got two tattoos 4 moths ago, above my elbows, one on each arm, black and white ink, with shading. My tattoos artist wrapped my arms in saran wrap and told be to take if off after 3-4 hours. I left them on for 20 hours, while traveling back home I realized I didn`t have my soap with me any more, ph neutral soap I mean, I had some scented, pretty cheap, drying one. I decided it was better just to leave the wrap on instead of washing it with that soap and risk an infection. However, my arms were sweating a lot under that wrap and when I finally took it off of course there was ink leaking. I know it`s normal, but was it too much, because of sweating and how long I kept it on? My tattoos healed really well, they are faded, not sure if faded like they should or way to much cause of that wrap. White ink is barely visible, black is just faded. Did I messed everything up for keeping my wrap on for so long? Thanks.