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  1. Big-BLunt

    Want a Tattoo

    What would SWIM have to look for in a good tattoo artist? Any specific qualities? Or something SWIM should look out for? Things to avoid?
  2. Big-BLunt

    Want a Tattoo

    I don’t want someone to draw something up for free, it was a call out for a talented artist, SWIM doesn’t know anything about tattoos, or tattoo artists, SWIM needs advice on where to go and who to talk to! I heard that some artists are great sketchers but when it comes to making the actual piece they choke
  3. Big-BLunt

    Want a Tattoo

    Hello, SWIM wants a tattoo, this will be his first! But he doesn't want something trashy, he wants a meaningful tat that will stay for the rest of his life, he doesnt mind a sleeve or a shoulder tat. Also, he recently broke up with the love of his life, so something along those lines, cant forget about her, hurts, and pain but also love, memories for life, happiness, good times together! He also likes to smoke some weed, travel, earn money, extreme sports as well. But mainly the focus of the tat is the exgf. Money isn't a problem. He would like to see designs that are 10/10 and top notch! No garbage plz. Only the best of the best! Oh also the tats are not colored.