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  1. eros_gates

    Ecoline Brush Pens for Flash?

    I just ordered a 10 color set of Ecoline watercolor brush pens as I keep seeing such positive reviews & have heard many people praising the paint-load in each pen as well as the fact that they actually contain PAINT as opposed to colored dye.. I'm just wondering if anybody has used/uses these specific brush pens to whip up flash? If so, how do you enjoy them & do you have any pointers/tips for a newcomer with the product?? Thanks!!
  2. eros_gates

    Linework using brushes..

    Anybody here like to use a brush to complete linework? I have a long liner brush with is nice as well as a shorter one & have been playing around. I like the effect and was wondering if anybody uses brushes and if so could they offer any advice as to how the get a smoother line.. I am having trouble with curves, primarily. Thanks!
  3. eros_gates

    Finding Medium Preferences..

    Haha, yeah I only wanted to upload a few of those. Anyways. Ive gotten my best results with the liquid watercolors and markers. But was wondering if people find themselves using both or even laying down all the blacks with a black india ink & then coloring with something else?
  4. eros_gates

    Finding Medium Preferences..

    I found it and accidentally uploaded so much crap... Now having trouble trying to delete them. Anyways, I think youll be able to tell which ones I thought had merit.