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  1. renewright

    Does Numbing Cream Effect The Skin?

    This might be one of the best tattoo numbing gel that i have used. It significantly reduced the pain of getting a tattoo.
  2. renewright

    What's your longest tattoo session

    The longest tattoo session i had was 2 hours. It was small but elaborate. I slept a few minutes on the tattoo bed while i was having it.
  3. renewright

    Bad cover up. I need some expertise...

    It only made it worse. Better apply tattoo lotion to protect it from infection. Your last option would be laser.
  4. renewright

    tattooing at Home by yourself?

    I don't recommend DIY tattooing. I have tried it when i was in high school and got a serious infection. Better get a professional tattoo artist, in a tattoo parlor, in a comfortable tattoo chair.