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    Advice on training up

    Thanks for your answer! Keeping in mind that I want to avoid the aforementioned ebay tattoo kits, what is a good price to pay for one and what brands should I avoid/go for? Would a rotary machine be a good option for a beginner?
  2. Jri

    Advice on training up

    That's something I expected and am ready for. Conversely, in professional illustration, only being able to draw well doesn't help your chances period - so I'm not under any illusions that whatever artistic chops I might have will give me a leg up. I expect the weighting and motion of the machines to reset some of my technical drafting knowledge to zero anyway. The fact that I'm a persistent so and so on the other hand, will hopefully help. What's the general consenus in picking up a basic machine just for the purposes of experimenting on pig skin (probably using technical info from whatever books I can lay my hands on/YouTube/internet etc...) in the meantime, so if I go into a studio with some work - at least I've got a little common ground?
  3. Jri

    Advice on training up

    Thanks for getting back to me again. Surely there are at least a few examples of tattoo artists who have no tattoos themselves (I genuinely don't know, I'll need to have a thorough google when I get time). If there are, presumably they learned the trade somewhere? I have observed tattoos being applied first hand. Are there any lists/directories of approved/reputable hygiene courses or even starter/taster courses for tattooists in the UK?
  4. Jri

    Advice on training up

    Thanks for your reply David, I hear what you're saying about cold calling. I'm probably going to get laughed at here, but I don't actually have any tattoos and don't plan on getting any. While that may sound idiotic coming from someone who wants to get into the industry, my interest is in producing the art and not necessarily wearing it (I know it's one of the many tattoo industry issues that divides opinion heavily - but that's who I am). I don't have any current relationships with local artists, so unfortunately would be going in cold to an extent. My initial thinking was that I might send out a few emails to the studios in my area to see if they would be receptive to me bringing some work in, at least that way I'm not barging in at a time when they might be in the middle of something etc... Are there any lists/directories of approved/reputable hygiene courses or even starter/taster courses for tattooists in the UK? Are there any knacks/telltale signs for determining what is good equipment and what is cheap tat? I have a few friends who have voiced a willingness to be tattooed as they are fond of my drawing style, but because they are my friends - I don't want to tattoo them until I know it's going to: 1) Be safe 2) Be procedurally correct (by which I mean the relevant follow-ups/aftercare protocols are all done properly) 3) Meet my artistic standards
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly, I hope this is in the right section of the forum - feel free to move it if not (I'm new here!). I work as a graphic designer and illustrator in the UK, both full time and on the side as a freelancer, I am interested in making the switch to become a tattoo artist. I understand the most commonly accepted way of getting into tattooing is to apprentice under another more established and experienced tattoo artist. The problem that I have is that my wife and I share the household expenses and ultimately rely on my income - so the idea of losing time through the week to work for free is not practical for me. What is the best/standard way of getting around this? I have space in my garage and am planning on decking it out as a home studio eventually, but to be clear; I don't want to just blindly start up with no experience/good practice knowledge. At the moment, I am putting together a portfolio of drawings and am thinking of taking it to show at some of the studios in my area. The hope is that someone may be interested in taking me on on a Saturday perhaps? So that I can learn the ropes, health and safety, tattoo process/technique etc... Is this an acceptable approach? Any suggestions/personal experiences would be great - how long did each of you apprentice for before going it alone? Did you go full/part time?
  6. Jri


    Hello! I'm a professional illustrator and graphic designer and want a career change, so I've come here to get some info about breaking in and training up as a tattoo artist. I'm scouring the web for ways into the tattoo community, looking for well updated forums etc. and here I am! Be patient with me as I'm a competent artist, but I'm relatively new to the tattoo world itself!