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  1. I paid for this kind of participation? much wow
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    Late Bloomer

    I think I came too this site way too late, While there's tons of info.. When it comes to having pictures for references it seems like all the links are broken, which is unfortunate for me. I only have myself to blame lol, seems the real active members became a tattoo artist after 2014 and never looked back. If there's anyone left active, upvote this post or something. idk how it works, but I wanna know who's still here. beginner? novice? vet? lmk
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    Having A Go At A Portrait

    I've long wondered how I draw portraits would transition into a tattoo since I tend to shade and erase to achieve my lines and in tattooing there's no erasing. Thank you for this insight
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    My Introduction

    What's up everyone, Here's to hoping I'm not too old to start a career in tattooing. I'm 32 and it's always been an interest of mine to be a tattoo artist. Providing for my family came before my dreams of tattooing and I instead pursued a career that pays well and provides great benefits for my wife and kids but, every day I go to work feeling incomplete, bored and unhappy. I've picked up my pencil recently and started drawing portraits for the first time (my strength has always been cartoony kind of drawings, you can follow my progress on instagram 'ayynori') and it seems like I still got it. I downloaded madhatter's black book from this site and had it printed and binded at staples so I can read it more comfortably. It didn't take long to see the value in the information on this site so I paid for my membership. I'm looking forward to reading and getting any tips I can from this forum. Hopefully, years from now I can give something back. Thank you all in advance.