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    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Dude how the fuck am I wrong for seeing other people on this site get insight and opinions without being ripped to shreds or given shitty responses to some innocent questions, and thinking I could do the same. I’m so blown away by how my one post asking for some opionons or previous experiences somehow became a magnet for this shit? Someone asked if I was using an after care, so I sent my response, then someone responded to me and started this spiral of shit. I wasn’t expexting any kind of end all be all answer to my questions. I just wanted some fucking insight, man. If no one has any insight, then why even respond to the thread? What exactly is the point of this website, if not a community to share experiences and insight with? Please explain to me exactly how I am using it wrong. or honestly don’t. Report this thread and just stop repsponding to it. I don’t give a shit, I’m getting off this hell site.
  2. FridaKahlua

    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Maybe tattooers on this forum are just assholes? I voiced my concerns because I read some other threads on this site and saw that everyone seemed to give great insight. Is it so hard to just give a normal reply? Like jeez fuck, my dude - jest or not, can’t someone say “exfoliating isn’t good if your tattoo is brand new” (which wasn’t part of my question at all) or “Ease back on the moisturizer”. I genuinely just wanted an opinion on how it’s healing, not for someone to chastise me and talk to me like a child.
  3. FridaKahlua

    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    OR they’ll read that I waited over a month, after all of the scabs and dead skin had peeled away before I decided to start exfoliating. This is a forum to get questions answered. I shouldn’t have to worry about whether people will read my comments incorrectly. My original post doesn’t say anything about exfoliating. People aren’t as hopeless as one might think, and if they are, then maybe they shouldn’t be committing to something as permanent as a tattoo if they can’t take it upon themselves to read this thread thoroughly.
  4. FridaKahlua

    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    I waited well after the scabs (and the dead skin around the tattoo) came off to exfoliate. I’ve had the tattoo for over a month now and only just started exfoliating about two weeks ago.
  5. FridaKahlua

    Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    I mostly used aloe gel and cetaphil lotion in the first couple of weeks, but now I use aveeno daily moisturizer, bio oil, and a little bit of aloe gel (but that’s mainly because I use that for my face and just rub the excess on the tattoo). It’s not as scaly now that it’s been about a month, but it’s still shiny and raised. My skin texture and tone usually takes a while to go back to normal for any cut or scrape that I get, but I don’t usually get many, so I’m never quite sure if I’m healing properly. I’m sort of just hoping it all goes back to my regular skin tone/level eventually. I’ve also been lightly exfoliating, so I hope that helps.
  6. Hi so I feel like I might be overreacting here, but I got a couple of new tattoos exactly 2 weeks ago, I’m just a bit concerned about the way everything’s healing. I’ve had a few other tattoos done in the past and only one of them is raised because the artist was a bit too heavy handed. This is mostly why I’m concerned because I know that if it’s happened before, it can happen again. I went to a different artist this time around and he’s done one of my tattoos in the past which healed perfectly fine, but it’s small and on the other side of my arm so I didn’t really watch the healing process all that closely. These ones cover my entire forearm so I’m paying more attention to it this time around. I know it’s normal for tattoos to look a little odd (dull/shiny) for a few weeks, but because I have dark skin, I know I might be more susceptible to raised scarring (keloids). That’s my biggest worry, really. I know it might be too soon to tell, but I guess I’m just wondering if it all looks normal for the stage that it’s at? I know everyone’s skin heals differently, but I guess I’d just like to know that it’s not uncommon for tattoos to look like mine after 2 weeks. thanks! some photos of the healing tattoo https://drive.google.com/open?id=18uoEUL1pYtnBzAu75AQcBRHreYxw0Uia