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      THIS IS A SITE FOR ARTISTS, NOT CLIENTS (Please read before posting)   04/18/2018

      I'm seeing a lot more questions from people who are looking to get tattoos, asking about ideas, healing instructions, etc. These are questions you should ask YOUR  LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST, not random people on the internet. This site is specifically for tattoo artists and those looking to get into the trade by way of an apprenticeship. Don't be shy! Google local artists and drop by a shop or two, check out their portfolio of work and talk about your ideas with a professional who can help you achieve the best tattoo experience. 

       Thanks for reading!

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  1. Saying Hi

    Welcome and enjoy your stay here
  2. Need help finding this tattoo

    very glad for you finding it now
  3. Want a Tattoo

    cool simple to understand,hahhh...
  4. What's your longest tattoo session

    it's tolerable
  5. What's your longest tattoo session

    so long time !
  6. What's your longest tattoo session

    it takes about 1 hour , just a small piece on my ankle
  7. it's for artists and collectors alike. What's the longest you've ever sat for a tattoo and (for artists) the longest you've ever worked on a client? much for fun
  8. A big hello from us at Diablo Tattoo

    maybe you can leave the link of your website
  9. Want a Tattoo

    how much will it cost if bob tyrell
  10. Happy Valentines Day!

    oK.guys,just want to say Happy valentines day and have a good time !
  11. Happy Valentines Day!

    oK.guys,just want to say Happy valentines day and have a good time !
  12. What is this Tattoo Style called??

    yes,it is called sketch work
  13. i think a story of a tattoo may make people understand it well not only just by its image. of course, you can have a tattoo just becouse it looks good.