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    Help with tattoo yellow scabs

    Thanks a lot Dopey, this makes sense... I remember to think this lighter green was not going through. So it's more like I overworked indeed. I fixed the gaps after healing, so I will be more careful with those colors now
  2. Hello guys, My name is Thiago, i'm tattooing around 2 years. I work at a Studio in Brazil. So i'm having trouble with healing. Some of my customers are getting yellow scabs that look like the pic attached. Usually It happens with white or lighter colors. My supplies are disposable, and i keep the enviroment clean and safe as possible. I'm kinda newbie so I don't know exactly If it's infection, allergies or If I went to deep in the skin. (Maybe because lighter colors are harder to apply for me). Can you guys help me figure This out? i really want to improve myself and bem a good professional ? Thanks in advance!