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  1. Semele

    Deep scabbing normal?

    Dont slab too much lotion on it and dont soak in the shower. Try not to get clothes rub on it too much. You dont want to get it slimey and rip it off.
  2. Semele

    First tribal - healing ok?

    That's what I thought. To be honest I understand it's not exact science and it can't be absolutely flawless. Micky from Cloak and Dagger in Shoreditch - I'm happy with what he did with the above and I really like his works from what i've seen on instagram so i'm looking forward to see what he'll come up with for my sleeve... What's your opinion?
  3. Semele

    I need ideas for new tattoos

    When i worked at a shop most guys who had sleeves themed like yours added angel statues, doves and lots of clouds, smoke, and sun rays.
  4. Semele

    Tattoo Convention Survey

    Good luck with this project Sarah I've filled out your survey and would love to read your findings after you've finished your thesis.
  5. Hi all, great forum you’ve got here (: Can you please give me some opinions on a few questions about my tattoo? I had a tribal traditional to my people done one week ago. The artist specialises in black and grey. I asked the shop if they’re comfortable with doing a tribal and whom of their artists would agree to do it. They set me up a consultation with this guy. He said he’s not done things exactly like that but he’s confident he can pull it off. Before you ask - I didn’t look for an artist who specialises in tribal because the piece isn’t a complex Polynesian tribal and from what I knew most tattooers start their career with tribals... so I trusted the shop because all of their work looked a lot more complicated that this and it was pricey - I paid £400 for 4 hours of work on this. He also spent one hour placing the stencil which he did very well and I’m happy with that. In the end when I thanked him and said it looks fantastic he said ‘Let’s wait and see how it heals - you may need to come back for a touch up, they’re free but yeah let’s see how it turns out’ - are touch ups on blackwork something normal and to be expected? I’ve attached a couple of photos. The lines are looking sharp and crisp, the positioning is great and there’s minimal distortion when I twist my arm. However the filling looks a little patchy... now, this is a week old tattoo. The solid black parts peeled in big dry skin flakes. It scabbed very little in a few tiny places he overworked - something inevitable with blackwork from my understanding? Now I’m left with shiny dry wrinkly skin that looks like it’s gonna peel one more time. The tattoo looks good when I look in the mirror however when I stick my arm in my face I can see uneven black. From the photos does it look to you like: a. It was badly done b. It was badly taken care of c. It will probably look different in another two weeks d. All of the above aftercare: word by word as per artist instruction. Wash and wrap 3-4 times a day for the first 2.5 days then stop wrapping and use Bepanthen (nappy rash cream) 2-3 times a day when t gets dry for a few days, switched to simple unscented mousturiser (the brand he recommended) on day 8. It was inevitable to wear long sleeves as I work in an office however I don’t think it rubbed the tattoo too much or left it too dry.... would love to hear your thoughts as I’ve got 3 day sessions booked with this guy to do a sleeve. While I’m feeling a lot calmer about that since he’ll be doing what he’s best at id still want to know if you think this tribal was poorly done.