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  1. The top of the tattoo is fine. It’s the bottom, on the more delicate skin. On the other tattoo that’s at the top of my arm it’s only a small corner of it that looks bruised, the corner getting close to the underarm. If it is artist, like I said I’ve done “searches on google” but that didn’t yield much. Maybe I’m not searching the right things. But if I got something really bright & colorful, maybe that would be better?
  2. The skin on my right arm, underarm area, that apparently “blows out” every time black is used. I usually like American traditional types that have heavy black outlines. So after two on that arm, my underarm is very “blue”; I get it’s my skin because everywhere else on my body I’ve not had a single problem. I try to search for artist that maybe specialize in thin/delicate skin or even what I could get that’s a “safe” option for covering the discoloration but haven’t found a thing. I’m willing to travel just about anywhere in the continental US to get it “fixed” because i love the two I already have and even if I went for a full cover up, if this is a problem area for me what’s to say the cover up won’t be a mess too?