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  1. Kanada

    Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Lol and the sad part is I wasn't so unhappy with the first tattoo. It's just the vision I went with and the result after the artist drew it is so different. Not sure I like what I have so far
  2. Kanada

    Back tattoo ideas to complete

    Just not happy with the Raven we chose. So many better ones out there. The graphic we chosen had it's head turning and kind of looked cool but it didn't carry over on to the actual tattoo well. Thought maybe we could fill empty space to take away from that
  3. I had my back started yesterday. Small cover-up and wanted something large. Decided on Ravens but not exactly happy with what I chose. Any ideas to finish this off? The artist added a moon on the right hand side but I was thinking sun rays? Any ideas appreciated. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Bq6Bv1aP5C5ug8oi2