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    Why can I not reply?

    I really want to reply to the people who have been commenting on my posts but I don't know how to reply.. I don't see a reply button and I have no clue what's going on.. I feel fucking retarded lol I am a brand new member, is there some rule where new members can't reply? It's letting me start topics but doesn't show an option for replying. Unless I'm looking right past it. Sorry to bother everyone, I'm usually tech savvy but can't figure this one out..
  2. Daws_Matthew

    HELP building a machine from scratch

    Im trying to find great websites that sell quality parts to people not employed by a shop. Im starting out and trying to rebuild some shitty coil machines and have had difficulty trying to figure out which parts to replace with what in terms of best materials to use, so i figured if i just found a good website, it would take a lot of the guesswork out of it and i could just get all my parts from them. I would appreciate any and all advice, thanks. (and yes i know, the parts to use and replace with depends on peoples preferences and what kind of machines I'm using and what i want to be doing with my machines, but I'm just looking for good quality companies to buy from that don't require proof of employment at a shop)