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    Thanks Mark, I should probably have guessed that advice! What do you mean by 'dated' in terms of tattoos? Is it that it was just very popular a while ago or just not the trend right now? The tattoo does have personal meaning to me - it's from the film I saw with my wife when we first got together, the reading it is based on was at our wedding etc etc. But I'm just curious what the trend would be in tattoos right now... Thanks!
  2. I'm looking to get my first tattoo and very excited to get it but I'm not sure of location. I know I want something like the picture below (just a B&W outline) and ideally I'd have it on my forearm BUT because of my job I think this isn't feasible - I'm a teacher and often roll my sleeves up! I was thinking upper arm somewhere but would inner or outer bicep be better? Or should I be more daring and think about somewhere else? Any advice for a first timer is very appreciated!!!