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  1. Mista666

    Noob Question.

    Hei! Sorry im new to this forum, but as the title suggests, encountered some silly problem, but really cant figure it out. So basically created this new topic and some people have answered (who i thank by the way), however i cant seem to find a freaking respond button on that page, every time i get a response i check it out and look through out the page, but cant seem to find a way to answer people. I mean, i can like and up-vote a comment but thats about it, what am i missing!?
  2. Mista666

    Greywash inks to try out.

    Hei! I've been mixing alot of my own grey washes, mostly use dinamic or zuper black. Also lately really enjoyed working with intenze grey was set, although very annoyed by the sizes of bottles. Before all that was working with kuro sumi grey wash, but dont like the healed look, also did my own mixing with normal black kuro sumi. And also not satisfied with healed results. I like dinamic overall and my zuper black for darkest and lightest parts. But was wondering to try out some new premixed sets. Heard a lot about silverback but confused a bit as some swear by it and others claim its getting too red while working and gets too light when healed. Any feedback would be appreciated! Has anybody, worked with eternal or fusion greywashes!? Any other suggestions!? Thanks in advance! Peace!