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    Correcting color

    First of all, I am not an artist just a tattoo recipient. My knowledge is slim to none on the technical stuff. Yes, I will be talking to my artist (she has 10 years experience and has good reviews) about this concern too but I like to equip myself with as much info as possible from as many sources as I can. So I recently had some work done. The artist did a great job and I am happy overall. I let her design my job but I had a theme and elements I wanted to be included. It is a patriotic thing and one of the elements is the flag of British Columbia. This flag has blue stripes to represent the ocean. The color is important because it is...well my flag. The result of the finished tattoo is the blue is quite a bit different than what it should be. I am not angry at the artist at all because I understand there are variables at play like skin tone and who knows what else. Also she showed my the ink in the bottle (I believe the brand was Fusion) and it looked correct. Royal Blue. My question. Can this be corrected by going over it again and if so, how?