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  1. Sublime Sun. For now just lining until I throw some colors on it. Any suggestions or see anything that needs attention before I stencil it. It's a decent size.
  2. Tried to fix it and basically fucked it all up. Think I am just going to have to start again completely with new rose.
  3. Right on. I'll work on shading it tonight and post another picture of a hopeful improvement lol
  4. First attempt at a rose type flash work. I really like a lot of Jack Rudys type flashwork. I used a picture of a rose from Google for reference and free handed it. Feedback please and thank you. Shroomy
  5. Thank you. Happy to be here
  6. Hi I am new.. way too new lol but I have to start somewhere. I am Shroomy. I have a shit ton to learn skill. And accept it. I am 25 live in the middle of corn fields and woods in Indiana. I love art and science and I think tattooing requires both. I cant remeber a time when drawing was not a huge thing in my life. I have took a few drawing classes. I have been lurking the forum for a few days. I am working on / building my portfolio to try for an apprentiship.
  7. I was practicing drawing with pencil and machine to get used to the weight of the machine and this thought occured. When holding your tattoo machine does it make a big difference in which fingers you use to hold your grip? Reason I ask is because most people use the first finger and thumb to pinch and the middle finger for support when they hold a pencil. I have read that the middle finger can help with making sure you keep the same depth while tattooing. When I hold a pencil I have always used my Ring finger. The pencil rest on my ring finger. Would this have any effect on tattooing abilities?