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    Hello everyone! Im a starting out tattoo artist and i was taking classes for a while in other words doing apprenticeship, im still working on my shading therefore i have not attempted to try it on an actual person ( because like no. Lol ) but my mentor told me i was ready to do names and other linage work. And so i did. I had a few people wanting for me to tatt them but ive been abit scared for one reason, what happens when it gets to the healing process... i noticed it on me first but i didnt know if it was because i didnt moisturize properly or because i didnt go deep enough im not sure but please give me some advice if anyone knows please! So everytime i do a peice , well once i finish it looks good , as it should no broken lines , nothing but ive had people tell me that while in the healing process it starts to go away that it starts pealing and the ink comes out with it , leaving them with a patchy tattoo which im not happy with at all , because it ruins my rep you know? If theres any advice you can give please id highly appreciate it!!