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  1. Veteran Behind Ear Tattoo

    Not like my soon to be ⚓️ doesn't have meaning
  2. Veteran Behind Ear Tattoo

    Now that made me laugh. Going to do it, lost a lot of friends over the years from those days. At this point wtf does it matter neck tat or no neck tat. I'm almost dead anyhow 🙃
  3. Tattoo Collector

    Veteran, Surfer, Tattoo collector.
  4. 46 year old Navy Veteran, sleeved both arms, both rib cages, 1/2 back/spine & portion of both legs have been inked. I am a life long surfer & lover of the Ocean. I've recently been diagnosed with Cancer. I began thinking what matters the most to me and that answer is the Ocean:) Have seriously been thinking about putting the 'anchor' simple design behind ear. Thoughts of a guy with small anchor behind ear tattoo? Guy left or right side? I'm vibing left. Thank you for your time 🤙🏼