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    I know of the book you speak of but no when I was typing that wasn't on my mind but I will sure do that thanks
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    Spring tension

    I have a question about spring tensions . when I have the proper spring tensions I always seem to notice my coils heat up a bit . and I would think this would indicate my coils are overworking . 18g springs front and rear on all my machines . so my question is should I decrease my spring tension by 50 grams change spring size I'm not sure on what to do, since I have always heard 18g springs are universal these are the fine tuning problems I would like to learn and master . I rebuild all of my machines with hand wrapped coils may this be my issue maybe bad layers ? I thought they came out nice and uniform . I know theres lots of variables with coil machines . I personally know a few people who tattoo but I'm digging deeper into this craft and my machine knowledge has surpassed anyone I know personally . Thanks in advance
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    Whats up everyone ? My name is rob I have been tattooing for a few months now. I know a few other artists but I seem to be a bit more in depth with it so I have nowhere to turn for answers except the internet . hopefully I can get some help here I hope to build some good relationships with some of the members here . The artists I know are decent but I'm also into learning machine rebuilding and understanding the science behind the art as well. I wanna be able to find tune my machines from top to bottom and learn every fine detail . I wanna thank anyone and everyone in advance .