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  1. La Pleurnicharde

    Hello from Canada!

    Ah, see. That's all it took for me to understand. Just telling me that a line "shouldn't be there" doesn't actually help me, so thank you for providing me with a mental image of what you mean.
  2. La Pleurnicharde

    Hello from Canada!

    It's supposed to be a fold in the skin. I used a picture of my own hand for reference, and I have a fold there. So do this person and this other person. Thank you for your criticism, though and I apologize if I fail to see what you're seeing.
  3. La Pleurnicharde

    Hello from Canada!

    Thank you! If you're talking about the finger that's in front of the candle, it looks like a little finger because it is, haha. The thumb is behind the candle.
  4. La Pleurnicharde

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. I'm a small-town gal who's been drawing for years. I have a diploma in secreterial studies and accounting, but I've decided that I'd much rather be a tattoo artist than a secretary-accountant hybrid. So, I joined this forum in the hopes that I will be able to learn more about what it truly takes to be a great tattoo artist and to maybe make some new friends along the way. The only work that I currently have to show you guys is this sort-of flash sheet that I drew today, but I do plan on sharing more in the future!