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    Any ideas for a half skull tattoo?

    Hi thanks for the answer. Good idea. I don't go to the tattoo place because as i said in the previous comments its 4 hours from my home. But in order to find the right one i might go eventually.
  2. Sokras789

    Any ideas for a half skull tattoo?

    Well i was looking for any other ideas. I know that this works duuhh...I need to see other options aswell. I have to drive 4 hours to go to the tattoo place so it's not easy to go right now.
  3. Hello,so recently i've been trying to find a tattoo that depicts a woman half alive and half skull but i want it to be blended nicely and have both a cute and beautiful side and at the same time a creepy one. I've come up with only one that i like from google photos,but i want to see what others you could suggest me. I'll post a pic to show you what i'm talking about.