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  1. Wotenhelm

    Spring deck pitch

    This is the first machine I've bought with a (pitch) or slight angle on the deck. I have no bend in the spring yet and it runs smoothly unloaded. But I need a little more speed and force loaded. Any advice? The distance between the bar and the top of the coil is a dime.
  2. Wotenhelm

    Brands and coils

    Well can't do business with kingpin, but I can with luckys. Great people. What do you guys think about ringmaster coils? The springs they make are ok. If you have used them please. Comment.
  3. Wotenhelm

    Machine frames

    I've been looking for frames. I've been out to buy three frames. Liner, shader, colour packer, you know the basics. Light pockets being the issue, I've looked at thousands in the past week. A lot on eBay. Some Cnc machined. Some cast. Some iron, some steel, some brass, said the cat in the hat. But a lot of them come from China. I don't want to buy Chinese but some seem to be quality and really cheap at the same time. I want to build my own machines. I have the knowledge. Just not the sources for good low cost materials. Any input would help me greatly.
  4. Wotenhelm

    Coil buying questions

    I've been looking at coils from kingpin, lucky', and forward, who has bought coils from these companies? What is the quality in your opinion? THANKS
  5. Wotenhelm


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