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  1. pattaya_tattoo

    Pelikan Ink Not For Tattoos?

    why you said like that
  2. pattaya_tattoo

    Tattooing Over Skin With Blackheads

    my favorite
  3. pattaya_tattoo

    Help Choosing A Tattoo Artist?

    If you have to go to Pattaya, a good choice for tattoo shop in pattaya. pm me
  4. pattaya_tattoo

    Any Tips On How To Build My Clientele?

    which one do you like ?
  5. pattaya_tattoo

    The Cost Of Renting A Space For Tattooing

    Sounds good same
  6. pattaya_tattoo

    Self Evaluation And Being Humble

    great Idea !
  7. pattaya_tattoo

    An opinion, please?!

    I thinks thsi's great !!!
  8. pattaya_tattoo

    I’d like to include your Tattoo Art in my book

    lol, are you sure ?