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  1. lokiean


    Looks great to me.only thing that sticks out to me is the flat 1 color belly while the rest has fades. I think the belly could of done with some darks or lights just so itw not so flat
  2. lokiean

    My Newest Tattoo

    It's done well. That lettering isn't going to last though. Not enough gaping. The paw print is done very well.
  3. lokiean

    Is there any etiquette to this

    How would either of you handle it
  4. lokiean

    Is there any etiquette to this

    I thought so. Thank you . I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being petty
  5. So an artist from a local shop comes to work for me. We drop 2200 to accommodate him and he decides after 3 weeks to bail back to the shop he came from with no notice. Now my last apprentice knowing how I feel about the situation decides he's going to go to the competing shop and get a tattoo done. Is there any etiquette to this? Kinda feels like a big slap in the face. And what if they post and tag th3 piece effectively advertising for the other local artist and shop?