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  1. Machine Identification (Aaron Cain)

    A couple more photos
  2. I have these two machines (I mean I have hundreds of machines but these are the two I'm concerned with right this second) They look like older Aaron Cain machines and the guy I got them from said they were Aaron Cain's, and the thing is whether or not these two machines were Aaron Cain's literally would have had no effect on how much I paid him because he was retiring and I bought the entire shop full of equipment - thousands of dollars. They are not signed, but they have a lot of things that point to them being Cains when I look up older machines he's built, similar tube vices, the three dimples engraving appears on a lot of his older machines especially on the bolts, I've even seen a few of his with square coils he's got up on his site. Aside from that, how many builders are even capable of sculpting a machine like this. Just curious if anyone knows if they were built by Aaron or who they were built by if not?