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  1. Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist….We’ll See

    Thanks V. I draw usually when I'm designing something, I don't sit and doodle, too much other stuff to do, and portraits are not my strong suit. That said, I can draw yes. Cheers, Rob
  2. Airbrush Artist to Tattoo Artist….We’ll See

    OK, so the direct url to the gallery doesn't seem to link, so http://underworldcustompaint.com then click Gallery Looks like the url link adds a . after the address in the address bar, backspace the . and enter.
  3. Hi All, My name is Rob, from just north of Toronto Canada. I have been custom painting for about 25 years, thought I’d try my hand at tattooing. Although different tools and medium, the principals of colour, shading, lighting, perspective, etc, remain the same for both. I would like to get some feedback on whether you experienced/professionals think what I do now (AKA my style) would translate well to this new world. I bought a cheap ass starter kit to get to know the parts and feel of the machine(s), no intention of touching skin until I’ve been through a proper apprenticeship, just testing the waters. I did read the rules and am in no way self-promoting my painting, but the gallery on my site tells the best story of my skills, http://underworldcustompaint.com/ucp_003.htm hope this is OK with the mods Would love to hear some honest feedback. Cheers, Rob