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  1. Hey, I am planning to have my chin tattooed. I also have a piercing on my underlip. I am more interested in having a tattoo on my face because it gets noticed quicker. Next, I am going to get my nose inked. But, I haven't seen many people with their nose inked. I am unable to look for recommendations on the internet as they have only a few pictures of a tattooed nose. I want to have my nose pierced too. I had the best aesthetic nose job from Toronto in order to fix my crooked nose. It was done a year ago. I wanted to know whether it is safe to have my nose tattooed and pierced as I had a rhinoplasty procedure. Even though it was performed a year before, I just wanted to confirm whether it is safe to have this done. Please give some genuine replies and suggestions.
  2. Wanting to start tattooing.