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  1. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    Sure i will look on google.. becuse i havent done that already... lol
  2. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    The thing is, i dont really know what i want :/ the tattoo he draw for me were amazing tattoos but not really "my type" thats why i need some ideas haha :(, if i find something that i kinda like, i can show him the pics and he will change some things if i want to
  3. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    Why u got so mad? Arrogant dickhead? I gave u a damn answer and said that i dont want any more questions from people becuse thats not what i'm looking for.
  4. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    He already draw 2 tattoos but i didint really liked them, so i'm asking for ideas here. Please if u aint giving me some ideas then dont write anything.. im not here to answer some damn questions im here becuse i want some tattoo ideas..
  5. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    i have a friend that owns a studio, i wont pay for the tattoo, so u dont have to worry about that:) u got any ideas?
  6. thereel

    i need some tattoo ideas

    i love my family and i belive in god, im a good guy beside the dark things i do/done for money... som real ghetto shit. i liked this tattoo but there is something better? http://imgur.com/a/BSJa7
  7. ok I´m new to this forum, i want to make a new tattoo on like my chest or something, but i cant really find something i really like, i like the tatto with 2 mask 1 glad and 1 crying but i know some people who has that tattoo and i want something different. I want a tattoo that is something like my life, im young and my family dont live rich.. since i was younger i was doing criminal things for money, my whole life, i have never been caught, i life in a "ghetto" i wont say in what country but what ever, i moved to this country when i was like 8years and since then we were pretty poor. I´m trying to live a good life when im not doing my "criminal things" for money, i try to study and everything, so i got pretty much a "double life".I dont want any colors in the tattoo, and nothing tooo big maybe in the sice of an ipad? hehe. Anyways hope u can give me some ideas or send me some cool tattoos that are relevent to my life. sorry for bad english hope u understand me.