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  1. zerofunks

    Wanting to start tattooing.

    oh yeah. hell my 7 year old can tattoo then
  2. zerofunks

    clip cords... durable

    whay about buying some thicker wire shrink tibe and a soldering iron and replace the old cord when needed? it would be cheap too. amd that soldiering iron will one day come in handy for your machine's as well.
  3. zerofunks

    i need some tattoo ideas

    have you tried a bing image search ??
  4. zerofunks

    Wanting to start tattooing.

    do you have any artistic ability ?
  5. zerofunks

    Purchasing Membership

    I tried using my debit card the other day,it said it was invalid and wouldn't work
  6. I had the same issue the other day
  7. zerofunks

    getting back into the ink

    thank you ,quick question. why can't inreply yo my other thread I started innthe q@a part? so no need a certain amount of post here 1st?
  8. hey guys. just wondering if a Brother 1270. fax machine will work to make stencils. I was told it don't take thermal paper bit it takes a ribbon ink. does this mean it will work becaise the ribbon needs to be pressed to the paper to make a copy? it's real cheap and can't find anything online. I may buy it anyways and risk it. thanks for the helo in advanced
  9. zerofunks

    Irezumi koi contest?

    I'm in. new member here I know this is kinda old . bit I'm game
  10. hey guys. new member here. i took a break from the art for a few years. life got ahold of me and I quit tattooing and even drawing for almost 3 years. I have the time and space to start again and in really excited about it. I've been drawing like crazy foenthe last 2 weeks. mostly just line work stuff with a pencil and microns, to help steady me hand and get a feel for the line work again. I'm pretty happy with what I've been doing so far. I actually did my 1st tattoo since quitting 2 days ago something basic and just line work . i think it went really well. but as always it could be better . let me know what you guys think. constructive criticism is always better then "it looks good" so don't be shy and let me know. (working on posting pics ,file to large right now )