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  1. The time spend designing a tattoo for the customer is included within the price. A lot of people use an image found in a book or on the internet, and i'm offering an alternative. Ive been a concept artist for 4 years, worked on horizon zero dawn as an intern, and know there is a lot of talent unseen by the public. I've been looking for work and found that there was a market for custom designs. So i created a platform where people can find each other. Right now i've also got 3 commissions running and my newly created company has gotten over 3000 views in a few days.
  2. the website gets 15% of what the artist makes. Thank you
  3. Hi there, i was looking for a way to get work and someone told me to draw tattoos, so i did that, and got quite a few clients in a short period of time. I was wondering if any of you where interested in getting paid to draw custom art for clients and advertise on my website; https://www.thedigitaltattooshop.com/ The artist decides the fee, gets paid upfront, and i do the marketing. If you're interested in creating custom designs for clients, you can sign up or click the ' +post a service' at the top right of the page. Thanks for reading, Max