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  1. Hi guys there is this one tattoo that is annoying the heck out of me and I would like your input. my tattoo has been raised and bumpy now for over a month and there is nothing I could do to calm it down. It started a bit itchy, a few bumps somewhere on the tattoo which then escacalates to my whole tattoo being raised (outline) and bumpy (where the fillings are) I am sure this reaction is based on the tattoo because every problematic spot follows the outlines or are within the boundary of the tat. This tat is mainly black with a few red spots that are very small. In total I have 5 tattoos and this is happening only to this single one so far. Could this be due to the weather (very humid in the place I live right now) or could this be some kind of allergy? I've tried every topical cream out there and even took oral antihistamines but needless to say nothing works at all. I would have to assume if this is an allergy situation I would've gotten it much earlier and the antihistamines could've calmed it down. If it's a scar situation then how come it's spreading from a few bumps to now the whole tat being bumpy and raised? Sorry I don't know how to post a photo below 0.7 mb which seems to be the maximum allowable limit. Thanks for any input, greatly appreciated and right now I am deeply concerned over this. Best