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  1. My question is What is the quality of ITS/ iron workhorse Coils are they wind on bobbins? Got like 10 plus machines of theres and hate to take a set apart just to find out.
  2. New and needling some help

    yah just was trying to work out a formula per size needle and job if that makes sense
  3. Purchasing Membership

  4. Purchasing Membership

    Same issue wont take my card
  5. one of my firsts

    this was one of my first tattoos. what u all think ?
  6. New and needling some help

    well the script liner for lettering a small enuff grouping of needles that wont tare the shit out of someone skin.
  7. New and needling some help

    I got a lot of machines and frames I want to rebuild bin collecting machines and parts for like 3 years and want to get more into the building aspect. . I want to make a script liner and 2-3 machine each for lining shading and color packing. so the be 4 liners. the script liner, liner small needle grouping, mid grouping and a large group liner. as well as shader for small needle grouping, mid grouping and a large grouping one. as well as color packer for small needle grouping, mid grouping and a large grouping as well
  8. Color packing machine building

    So I got a hand full of machines I want to build multiple color packers. Is there any formal for coil high+ wraps + and capacitor+ springs = x needles it can be pushed out? Im Looking to build a color packer for small set off groupings and one for a larger set.
  9. Got a couple questions on machines and wraps, coil height n needle pushing what not