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    Excess ink during tattoo

    dammit my secret has been found out.. its only tattoos that go shiny after scabs come out for about a week sometimes2 then they arent shiny anymore... its my natural being trying to come through uh oh
  2. inkedwoman

    Excess ink during tattoo

    hey guys... it was mid top of forearm not near joints or anything. Im 27 so not older and my skin is super soft hes tattooed me lots before my skin always grabs ink and he does use vaseline to help.... but its been about a year since Ive been tattoed usually he wipes t grabs some but not a whole bunch but this time he wold wipe it would smear and my surrounding skin would hold on to it. he was worried of colors absorbing other colors because of that.. I was wondering if even though my skin is soft if it might need moisturizer more or if dehydration could cause and issue. I drink water but Ive been drinking a lot more coffee then normal. wasnt swelling after each line but definitely alot faster then normal he also mentioned something about the skin getting chewed to fast. he went on to tattoo two more people after me without any issues at all... Ive had another artist tell me "Ive got that shiny shit" when Im healing the tattoo goes shiny always even without anything on it.. Im not sure what that means either
  3. Hello.... My tattoo artist just told me I have real shitty skin for tattoos that the skin around the tattoo grabs and holds the ink even after wiping making it hard to see and causes me to swell faster to be able to see and that in his 10 years of tattoing hes never seen anyone have this problem... My question is what the hell can I do to help? I have soft skin doesnt seen moisture starved and flaky at all... Help?!