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    Tattoo anxiety and obsessing

    Actually, the old one was already rather blown out..and the old one was done in my living room by not a professional. lol. Years ago when I was still a youngin. LOL I went to a professional to try and fix it, which they said it would be hard to do, but would try. When I showed them, they said they can try to go over it some more with some neutral tone colors.
  2. Gillmurr

    Tattoo anxiety and obsessing

    Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. It has been about 5 weeks. Could it take longer? Again. Thank you so much for your reply!!
  3. Hello, So...i.got a tattoo 10 years ago, and went in to get a similar one on the other shoulder (Roman numerals of my kid's birthdays...just had a new baby so her birthday is the new one). So the artist says "I can clean up.that old one and add a little white outline. (10 years old...done in my living room by some guy. First tattoo ever.). So she did my new one and touched up the old one..new one looks.great...old one, not so much.. now I know it was already not great, but i feel like it looks.worse, especially looking at it up close. My friends and boyfriend tell me it looks better. I guess my question is, if I go back (I have another appointment in a few weeks), will she be able to make it look cleaner? Am I tripping? It's my son's birthday...ive always loved this tattoo, and now it's causing me to obsess and have anxiety.. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dX6vF7MjP-_suMKWUHwbs9qhswtGmNVhOiZaZEUbM4E/edit?usp=drivesdk Please let me know if you can't access the link. Thanks! G