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  1. I have a dentist appointment next week! 😂😳
  2. Thanks guys. Great to hear how rare it is to catch anything from tattoo parlours.
  3. hi guys. You’re going to think I’m crazy.I plucked up the courage to have my first tat. A really small triangle on my wrist. However, it’s ended up giving me total anxiety. I would suffer from a bit of anxiety/ depression which I am on medication and I upped the dose a couple of days ago but I’m stuck worrying about the safety of my tattoo!i chose a reputable (I think) parlour with a 5/5 star rating on facebook. The guy wore gloves. Covered the arm rest and light with celephane, used a disposable needle, and covered the wire of the gun (if that’s the right name for the device) with plastic.Yet I can’t get out of my head what if it wasn’t clean? What if I’ve caught something. I’m such a tattoo newbie and I think it could relieve my anxiety if a tattooist could reassure me that all that would protect against catching anything. I mean…the tattooist needs to protect himself too, so therefore everything would need to be super clean? How often is a tattoo parlour tested for cleanliness? Who regulates it?i know I am nuts. Health anxiety I guess!Please. Tell me I’m being stupid and I haven’t caught hepatitis.