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  1. C.Prince87

    Legend pen machine

    Sorry, kinda double posted topic and can't figure out how to remove one or the other!
  2. C.Prince87

    Legend pen machine

    Recently purchased a legend pen machine, the $400 one not the V2. Just curious if anyone on here owns one and what their setting preferences are for lining, shading and color packing are as I'm trying to feel it out, also needle preferences for voltage settings and what not. Also if anyone has any info on cps/ stiches per second that they run at for each task. Or better yet a formula for cps because info on the legend has been kind of limited. Thanks alot!
  3. C.Prince87

    Legend pen machine

    I recently purchased a legend rotary pen, the $400 one not the V2. Not alot of information on the site just has some basic specs but I'm trying to see if anyone else uses one and has any insight as far as voltage perameters, i know its 6-12 v max running but i mean more like stitches per second or what voltages equate to what would be CPS on a coil machine. Also personal preferences as far as cartridges and what groupings at what volts. Any info would help really.
  4. C.Prince87

    Color packing

    Just ordered a machine for color packing but it seems to go against what I want in a color packer it has 18 gauge springs front and back and hits really hard? The front spring is almost what you would consider a cut back which is odd to me in the concept of color packing I.e. slow and hard hitting? Any recommendations on slowing this machine down and achieving a softer hit to build layers would be much appreciated. I will try to post a picture of it's initial setup.
  5. C.Prince87

    One of my first few

    I did this on somebody I worked with. For some reason he insisted on this with vertical tribal ish which to me clashed 100% with the horizontal name cover up, it's not complete the top part isn't solid filled and so on. Was thinking of a greywash to cover the rest of he name even though the wash will be touching the black parts to cover them completely.
  6. C.Prince87


    Tax season is upon us and I'm getting a hefty chunk for fathering my beautiful monstrosity of a son. With that said I'm looking for a color packer (off the books) and if anybody can point me in any direction that would be great! I use usually 7-15 mags and 9-18 textured round shaders if that helps any as far as give and voltage settings and also I like to use a slow hand and a decent amount of give when coloring
  7. C.Prince87

    "The new guy"

    Brief Ello Guvna*****
  8. C.Prince87

    "The new guy"

    Just giving a bright Ello Guvna! to everybody. I've been as my profile says "attempting" to tattoo for quite some time and can always use the advise from anybody willing to give their 2 cents. I'll try to periodically post any and all artwork I manage to squeeze into my time working 40+ hours and being a father... Just be patient!