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  1. I will be first horseshoe-tattoo gargoyle tattoo rosery tatoos
  2. DaGG

    Tattoo galleries

    tattoo ideas
  3. DaGG

    Tattoo galleries

    I think in will be useful to share tattoo galleries in which you get inspiration in choosing tattoo designs. For starters: Gallery Share yours please.
  4. DaGG

    Need tatto opinion , helpppp

    You can compare with this one click and understand that yours is very good one.
  5. I think you can reverse the geometrical figures up the arm, and add some picture there. May be you can find inspiration here Tattooimages.biz
  6. DaGG

    Cover ups - star tattoos

    Hi. I had the same problem few months ago. But i had much bigger stars than yours. I googled this gallery and covered my stars with big Star Wars hero. May be you will find some useful pictures for you. Look here