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  1. James Conway

    Irezumi koi contest?

    How does one go about starting a new contest? Can I be apart of one I start ? I notice I haven't seen any new contests in here since 2013
  2. Hey all. My names James and I've been drawing since I was a little kid. You can find my work here on this link. I can't seem to upload pictures of the right size to this forum. https://www.instagram.com/thebodhidharma/ Wanted to tattoo since I was about 15 and would used to make jail house machines with motors from razors and a spoon and pen and guitar string and all for fun. 6 years later I finally refined my artistic skills and got an apprenticeship. I was in it for 5 months and learned alot. Learned the habit of sanitation and what exactly to do and use. Everyone at the shop used rotaries so I wasn't being taught anything about coils. But went on to teach my self about them. Well anyways 5 months into it I was let go. My teacher was condensing his shops and let me go through a text. He said my artwork was where it's supposed to be but I wasn't enough of a people person. I could see what he meant but honestly I just didn't feel too comfortable in teachhroughhe shop I was in. Lots of inside shop drama and some times just felt generally uncomfortable from what they would say and talk about. But I learned my mistakes and am ready to start fresh in a new shop. I'm also moving from new York to Florida but unfortunately don't see many shops near by me. And may have to commute which I will be happy to do. Anyways I wanted to share my work and get some opinions and maybe some critiques. I'm still confused as to what style I'm going for but I dig realism to neo traditional and especially irezumi above all. Along with other traditional eastern subjects like Chinese landscape painting. Any advice towards finding the right apprenticeship and keeping on with learning this medium would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you!