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  1. Thx for the critique. I did the shading without a reference and i see what you mean with the contrast in the middle. The line work is bad but i'm pretty satisfiefd with the overall "tattoo". This was the first time I shaded and the first time I made a greywash. I know i have a long way to go but my goal is to drop photo's here of the pieces ik do to see where ik came from and to learn from the critique you guys give me Again thx !
  2. Don Bosco

    Ideas for adding to current tattoo

    Like David said...to add to this piece you will need to play around with contrast butt i think that it is possible
  3. Don Bosco

    Please help me with some tips and tricks

    Yeah i already figured that one out lol and it is frustrating but on the other hand it makes me wanna push myself even harder I have great respect for the trade and i will start from the ground up and i'm gaining control and confidence with every hour i'm tattooing THX for the tips !
  4. Don Bosco

    Need tatto opinion , helpppp

    Not my style either but if i would have something like that i wouldn't want it in all Black but with some nice shades of grey in it BUT...... A tattoo is something personal and you have to look at it for the rest of your life and if you like it then just get it
  5. Don Bosco

    Please help me with some tips and tricks

    Thx, until now i was just freelhanding everything so tomorrow i will try to follow a stencil with some basic shapes and from there on some script
  6. I know this forum isn't used much anymore but i hope to kickstart it and since i'm just beginning i could realy use some help Just got my STIGMA HYPER V3 and tomorrow ik will have pigskin but i'm already practicing on fake skin the last 2 days. My question is....is it good to just start tattoing straight lines 1 after another and circles from big to small for gaining precision and control or are there specific exercises to learn that Any tips or trics are Welcome at this point
  7. Now i know there is a time difference, different way to tell time and a different metric system but over here when people say ...tomorrow....we meen within 24 hours I'm just going to leave snappy replies here and there to kickstart this forum damnit lol
  8. Don Bosco

    Cheers To a New Look and Second Chances

    Devils children !? lol I know there is a special place in hell reserved just for me.. It's called..a throne
  9. Don Bosco

    Research For My Idea For A Tattoo

    I know i'm new on this forum but like Mark101 said...the guy asked this in november 2014 ? I think it's save to say that he already has a tattoo and aint coming back here lol
  10. Don Bosco

    Newb from Canada

    Well...i'm just a new member my self but...Welcome
  11. Don Bosco

    Hello from the Netherlands

    I would have liked to upload the pictures here but i don't know how....sorry Here are the links to then drawings Don't gamble with love Sin Pitbull pride in life and death The real Ichigo and his hollow mask Skull and rose
  12. Hey every body, Just another noob here. i'm from the Netherlands and WILL become an artist. Today i received my tattoo machine and i will be practicing on fake skin (i know, terrible but pigskin will be available on thursday and i'm impatient lol). It is going to be a long road of frustration but i will succeed Belowe are some drawing's from me P.S. the machine i got is a STIGMA HYPER V3