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  1. EternalForge

    make me design anything

    Is there another good site you can recommend?
  2. EternalForge

    make me design anything

    Lol, you're probably right. I'm new here so looking for places to post. Forums seem a bit dead, I wish they were more active. This is the only forum I actually have a Reply box in, the rest I don't have the option for some reason.
  3. EternalForge

    make me design anything

    I would recommend creating a workflow, as an example I took the black symbol on this image from the internet, then I made the middle outline based on how I wanted it to look, then colored it in. All together a small symbol like this takes 10-20 minutes to work out. I too don't Tattoo people yet, I Tattoo a LOT of pig skin though. So, what you should do, is not re-create the wheel in my opinion. Find something you like, and make it nice (or better).
  4. I saw a post from user "purplethumb" and figured, hell I've been tattooing for a whole week, so let's see how I compare to a true pro (Ha) So, without further ado, let the roast begin! This is the OP's amazing work. This is my work ( a complete newb, practicing on Pig skin for 1 week). Note, the vetical lines are from the machine used to de-skin the pig, not my doing. So, as you can see, I have a LOT LOT LOT to learn. Even though doing this I did practice whip shading holding the 7M1 sideways, which was an awesome thing to learn because now I know how he got those fine pointy shaded parts. Anyways, comment, roast, etc.. Enjoy! This is my first post here. I know I am a complete newb and I ONLY practice on pig skin. Original post: