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  1. $1500 tattoo quote

    @mark101 the artist name is Halo, His website is: http://www.tattoosbyhalo.com/
  2. $1500 tattoo quote

    @mark101 Yeah the tv appearance increased his demand/popularity significantly. Don't get me wrong he's a solid artist and I knew he would be expensive but this seems a little steep.... especially for what I'm requesting.
  3. $1500 tattoo quote

    Hello all, so I've reached out to a somewhat famous artist named he was one of the finalist on ink master. He quoted me $1500 for this single tattoo portrait. Probably no larger than 5 x 5 maybe 6x6 inches. I knew he would be expensive but does this sound a little high? Shop is located in a Maryland suburb. The picture attached is not the exact but something of this nature.