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  1. 90s theme tattoo

    I'v been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time and i was wondering if anyone out there would like to design it for me. I'm looking for a 90's theme tattoo that would be on my shoulder and possibly down to my bicep. My idea came mostly from all the tv shows i watched and video games i played growing up. here is what i want on the tattoo in no specific order Tmnt Michelangelo, Ghost busters, Bugs and tweety, Tom and jerry, Mario ,Luigi,Yoshi (Mario riding Yoshi with Luigi around somewhere), Green power ranger, Donald Duck, Flintstones (Fred and Barney), Donkey kong and Diddy, Link, Mega man and anything else that would be 90' nostalgia. Or if someone who lives in the Toronto, Canada area that thinks this would be a fun tattoo to do and would like to talk about doing it, please let me know