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  1. I'm tattoing for 1 year now, (Brasilia, Brazil) Follow me, lets talk tattoo!
  2. work in progress, I'll color it asap ----------------- 1) 2) 3) 4)
  3. Not quite satisfied with the face on the girl... and I have some work to finish on the owl too 3)
  4. simple rose... I'm trying to improve my lining. 1) 2) 4)
  5. Good work, hope to see some colors on it soon!
  6. nice work!
  7. Bad choice of word, sorry. I meant "law enforcement" , but I'm more like a "prison guard" , not police officer.
  8. Once again I was not able to finish in just one session, after the lines I asked just to play a little more and test my working using a magnum (still have a lot to learn here) and my pre made gray washs* for the first time. *I think I have to improve them. The light one was too damn light! Almost invisible. And the medium one was light... Next session I will test my dark one and I guess the correct value will be medium instead.
  9. Yeap!! I must admit I'm having some rough time to adjust here, the traditional media and, specially tattooing with coils machines) ( I have a little problem in both hands - I was in an accident. But not a big deal, I'll get used to it). ...Anyway, the approach in tattooing is way too 'different' and harder to me - Which make it more fun, I guess, I'm feeling like a 8 yrs old boy who just started learning to paint . --- But , at least, I know a few things already that will be handy in the future (like color theory, contrast on B&W etc.) In my country we can not have tattoo while working in police force. There's a new rule of our supreme court allowing it, that came out just last week or so, I think I'll have a few ones soon. Regards
  10. Indeed, I'll push things further on the next session , nov/15.. I'll update here the results
  11. I have done some training on fake skins/fruits for a while now , studding tattoo with e-books and videos. This is my first work, but I still have to finish it. Also I could not tattoo it as I would prefer, since I was using a friend studio ... So I had to put some lines and remove some details. I'm a little 'sad' with the outcome because my "victim" want to paint the eyes/mouth/nose with pure black and paint the roses red/old school - and I really wanted to do like the reference (with colors/ ''fire'') going on in those areas/ roses more realistic, not old school. Anyway, I hope to learn as fast as I can and, someday, find a job on US (I'm from brazil) btw: I'm also a digital painter, if you want to check my work: . I hope to make friends around here, someone said that you guys are awesome and I would find some useful tips and criticism Best regards