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  1. My Sketches

    recenly work
  2. My Sketches

    latest work.
  3. My Sketches

    page 19
  4. My Sketches

    page 18
  5. My Sketches

    page 17
  6. My Sketches

    page 16
  7. My Sketches

    fill all pages with nude chick.
  8. My Sketches

    five tiger commanders from Three kingdom. sketches
  9. Friendly Pig Skin Practice

    because i trace it make little different.
  10. Friendly Pig Skin Practice

    #1 #2 I got an apprenticeship almost two months. i did clean up,drawing, and tattoo pig skin. i tattoo my sketches but the result is not that good. My teacher saw me draw girl a lot, so he asked " why you don't try realism?" i ripped references out of magazine, trace it , and tattoo it. Those two are my first try. i really get into it, and love it.
  11. My Sketches

    power of make up.
  12. My Sketches

    sexy fairy.
  13. My Sketches

    fear sketch.
  14. My Sketches

    Three Kingdom sketch. Zhuge Liang
  15. My Sketches

    i see sketch is not important but the idea is. thats why i get them down fast as i can before it lose. i know tattoo artists have to do what customer want, and put a customer's puzzle together to make a final agreement. they get most ideas from them. i have lot shit idea that need to get down on paper. i completely ignore shading.