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    has anyone seen this tattoo? or something similar

    Baphomet - an idol of a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping and that subsequently was incorporated into occult and mystical traditions.
  2. Hey everyone, Glad to be apart of this awesome community. As the title suggests I'm a newb here. I've never tattooed (or even been inked myself) but I'm very interested in the trade, and friends tell me they'd love for me to learn and ink them with my art. I've always wanted tattoos but never had the money to spend on them. Maybe this is the wrong section but I was hoping I could get feedback on some art I've done recently, and answers to questions I haven't readily found on here: 1. Tattooing yourself: do most people generally think of working on themselves as a practice arena (like just boxer-shorts area) or do any reputable artists actually tat themselves in noticeable places? I've heard pain and twitching can cause yourself to fuck up, but what do I know I've never had one. I just like the idea of having done most of my (left side) tattoos myself. 2. It seems that many advise against getting a machine and practicing on fruit or fake skin, and to just wait and find an apprenticeship somewhere. Maybe I'm just thinking about doing my own too much, but it seems like getting used to a vibrating needle and new medium as soon as possible would be advantageous. Is it worth it to wait and hone art skills, or should I jump in and try and tame the needle? 3. Does my art seem anywhere close to being ready to go into shops and asking about apprenticeships? If not, is there anything noticeable I should work on? These are both originals, no tracing, with elements pieced from other tattoo art or actual photographs. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all! A couple recent works: