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  1. How's it going everybody? Just wanted to share a website with y'all... u4ink.com Probably the Best Site for Finding Upcoming US Tattoo Conventions and Tattoo Events that you'll find on the internet. (200+ Listings) u4ink.com/conventions I created and manage the website and I update the list CONSTANTLY with new conventions. I also include a lot of details that can be very difficult to find for the events like ticket prices and door times, and have links to their official web pages and social media pages. It's sorted by state and is really easy to navigate. You can also filter the list by month or year, and I have section at the top that features all the upcoming events for the next two weeks. So check it out if you'd like, I also have a ton of other cool sections on the site like an artist directory, list of tattoo meanings and symbolism, galleries and descriptions of the many styles of tattoos, and a growing collection of articles on tattoo history, safety and tech. If you like the site, then follow U4ink on Facebook and Instagram so you get all the updates on new conventions and news articles in your news feed. Thanks