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  1. Joelittle

    Mohammad Ali Portrait (Drawing) - Tips To Improve

    right brilliant thanks! ill try and add those bits in
  2. Joelittle

    Mohammad Ali Portrait (Drawing) - Help Me Improve!

    Cheers fellas, ill work on that on the next one i do, ill keep trying to remember the light source. and yeah marsl, im finding it hard to get the shading so that is isnt blotchy
  3. Joelittle

    Mohammad Ali Portrait (Drawing) - Help Me Improve!

    thank you look forward to your detailed explanation
  4. Joelittle

    Mohammad Ali Portrait (Drawing) - Help Me Improve!

    Mohammad Ali - Feel free to destroy it, i need all the help i can get Been drawing since january this year and have got myself an apprenticeship in a local tattoo studio... Obviously still learning the absolute basics on how to draw. Please let me know tips on photo realism, online stuff never seems to help me much (google) etc
  5. Hiya, new to this website, drawing and tattooing but i have bagged myself an apprenticeship at Serenity Arts Tattoo in Eastham.. https://www.facebook.com/serenityartstattoo?ref=hl My boss is great and has helped me out loads! Find his work on the link above.. I have been drawing since January this year and have started trying to do portraits. Want tips on how to make things look real, photo realism etc. Pencils, brand of pencil, any tips whatsoever. Here is my portrait of Mohammad Ali. Fell free to absolutely rip it to pieces, it is all going to help. Cheers, Joe
  6. Joelittle

    Mohammad Ali Portrait (Drawing) - Help Me Improve!

    I have no idea how to upload a photo, how embarrassing hahaha, tips on how to upload the photo before anything then hahahah
  7. Portrait Drawing Pencil Apprentice Help